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Discover, access and control your full physical potential with intentional movement practice.

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What we do

At Movement4 we have everyone covered, from the complete beginner who can’t touch their toes right up to those who have dreams of a 1 arm handstand.

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We offer a wide range of corporate sessions - from pain eduction to yoga. Get in touch to find out more.

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We are a team of dedicated individuals focused on educating others about the 4 pillars of health; movement, nutrition, sleep & stress management.

Movement MasterCourse™

An 8 week intensive movement mastercourse designed for coaches looking to progress in their own practice and teachings. Spots are limited – Starting from $2,200.

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Weekly 90 min 1-on-1 coaching

8 week personalised program

Unlimited video & text feedback on technique

Intro to the 4 pillar framework

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  • Group Session Times
  • Tuesday: 5.30am & 12.00pm
  • Thursday: 5.30am & 12.00pm

Our Movement Coaches

Learn from the very best within the industry. Industry leading and practicing coaches to guide you to your very best.


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